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International Pharmacy Graduates  (IPGs)
Currently in Process with SCP

Due to recent changes in Saskatchewan employment law, the College is evaluating whether it can continue to operate the program for the training and assessment of International Pharmacy Graduates. The College will not be accepting any new applicants for the appraisal training and assessment process until potential issues raised by these changes in the law have been resolved or clarified.

International Pharmacy Graduates (IPGs) Not Engaged with SCP

Please refer to the information under the REGISTRATION tab above, and/or click on this IPG GATEWAY NOTICE .

Phase 2 of COMPASS Pilot Project: See COMPASS TAB

eHR Viewer - How to sign up

The eHR Viewer, or e lectronic H ealth R ecord Viewer, is a secure online website that allows authorized health care providers access to a wide array of health information including lab results, medication information, immunization records, and discharge summaries. It also has chronic disease management observations collected as part of the Chronic Disease Management - Quality Improvement Program (CDM-QIP).  To gain access to the Viewer, contact eHealth Sask. by calling Bernie: 306-337-5024 or Tanya: 306-337-0974. 

Visit and explore the eHR Viewer homepage: http://www.ehealthsask.ca/services/ehrViewer/Pages/default.aspx.

Practising Members: eHealth Service Desk

Issues with billing claims? Follow standard process and log your ticket with the eHealth Service Desk: Ph 306-337-0600 or 1-888-316-7446.


Saskatchewan Institute of Health Leadership
SIHL 2014-2015 PROGRAM




  1. Amend Schedule I to read: Diclofenac or its salts including (but not limited to):  diclofenac diethylamine, diclofenac sodium, diclofenac potassium, except when sold as a single medicinal ingredient for topical use on the skin in a concentration equivalent to 2% or less of diclofenac for not more than 7 days.
  2. Amend Schedule II to add in alphabetical order: Diclofenac diethylamine when sold as a single medicinal ingredient for topical use on the skin for not more than 7 days - in concentrations greater than 1.16% and less than or equal to 2.32% - in package sizes containing greater than 2.6g of diclofenac diethylamine 


  1. Amend Schedule I to delete the current listing for minoxidil and replace with: Minoxidil except when sold in preparations for topical use in concentrations of 5% or less


  1. Amend Schedule I to read: Omeprazole or its salts EXCEPT when sold for the 14-day treatment for frequent heartburn at a daily dose of 20mg, in package sizes of no more than 280mg of omeprazole
  2. Amend Schedule II to add in alphabetical order: Omeprazole or its salts when sold for the 14-day treatment for frequent heartburn at a daily dose of 20mg, in package sizes of no more than 280mg of omeprazole

Regulatory Bylaw Amendment-Effective Sept 5/14

The following section 23(2)(c)ii was Deleted:
(ii) except as provided in paragraph (d) or sub-section (10), within the limitations of the Pharmaceutical Information Program, record, or cause to be recorded, the prescription(s) in the Pharmaceutical Information Program, as soon as reasonably possible.

This amendment requires that the pharmacist provide the Pharmacist Assessment Record (PAR) to the primary practitioner, but no longer requires pharmacists to record your prescriptions in the Pharmaceutical Information Program (PIP).

Professional Competencies for Cdn Pharmacists at Entry to Practice

Professional Competencies for Cdn Technicians at Entry to Practice

Exempted Codeine Products - For the Consumer

Exempted Codeine Products - Tools for the Pharmacist

NEW EBOLA/Viral haemorrhagic fever documents
now available in the Reference Manual

Ebola Guidelines for Primary Care Providers
Ebola Infographic

Ebola VHF Flow Map Community

Ebola Virus Disease Assessment Form

GABAPENTIN - Gabentin Information-LINK
Gabapentin is monitored by the Prescription Review Program. Refer to S 18.1 of the Regulatory Bylaws of the College of Physicians & Surgeons (CPSS) http://www.quadrant.net/cpss/pdf/CPSS_Regulatory_Bylaws.pdf .  All prescriptions for gabapentin must contain the required information of the program and bylaws.


Saskatchewan Institute of Health Leadership
SIHL 2014-2015 PROGRAM

This five month program begins in November 2014 and will conclude in April 2016.  A five-day Opening Retreat will take place in Regina November 17-21, 2014, with SIHL Course Presenters and Facilitators. A two-day Project Retreat will take place
April 23-24, 2015.  REGISTER NOW!

Continuing Medical Education (CME)
"Practical Management of Common Medical Problems

for Details
November 21 & 22, 2014.
Early bird registration October 24

Upcoming Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada
(PEBC) Exams

WATCH the CPhA Promo Video highlighting for the general public, the role that pharmacists play in the delivery of care.

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