Pharmacy Manager Change

If a licensed pharmacist ceases to be engaged as a pharmacy manager, the proprietor shall notify the Registrar in writing five days prior to the change , providing the name of the new manager.

The pharmacy manager is the licensed pharmacist who has been designated by the proprietor of a proprietary pharmacy to have authority over and be responsible for the operation of the pharmacy and who is named in the permit issued for the pharmacy as the manager. A licensed pharmacist assumes significant responsibilities when designated as the manager of a pharmacy and is critical to ensuring that appropriate policies and practices are established and implemented by the pharmacy for the optimal care and safety of its patients.


COMPASS Requirements

  • Ensure that the new pharmacy manager is aware of and has access to the COMPASS username and password.
  • Ensure the pharmacy manager has designated an individual to be the Quality Improvement (QI) Coordinator (if the previous pharmacy manager was also the QI Coordinator)

Requirements are pursuant to The Pharmacy and Pharmacy Disciplines Act and the SCPP Regulatory Bylaws, which can be found under Legislation on the QUICKLINKS section of the website homepage.




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